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Mariano discovered art and the woman as a child, thanks to the great Renaissance painters. While his brothers were reading comics, he would spend hours reading the art books that his grandfather used to collect. Thus, his imagination became enriched by those women with white skin and reddish hair, sometimes modest and other times free in their nudity.

As an adolescent he would see Venus in the women around him. He started painting them, first taking photos of the girls that inspired him and then transporting them into his world by painting them. His mind bustled and painting could no longer satisfy his soul’s creative needs. It was then that he came across photography as a means of expressing his inner world, allowing the protagonists to have a real skin. Inspired by women he met by chance or through friends; women with their own stories, each feminine in their own way, which is something that seems to remain unchanged by the passing of time, something that lives on beyond passing trends and changing standards… Sometimes it is a hand placed on the breast, sometimes it’s half-open lips… The curve of a back… The softness of a neck… Who knows what might be the next key to open the door of inspiration?

And once the door is open, he invites them into his world, shows them his sketches and lets them undress little by little, he covers them with cloths and textures and lights them up. He shows them a version of themselves that they had never imagined before and lets them see themselves through his eyes.

He looks after every detail, every line, every pose… He captures them with his polished technique, his mastery of the light, his crafted vision of perspective, and he finishes them with a touch of the paintbrush from the painter inside him.

He loves what he does, from beginning to end, from the initial conception of the idea to the final printing. Then he lets them fly and continues to love them… And I love the way he does it.

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